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STIH Quality
STIHL quality is a measurable, a fact that has been proven by numerous successful audits. STIHL employees are fully aware of the meaning and importance of STIHL quality. “Made by STIHL” stands for uncompromising quality all over the world, irrespective of where our products are manufactured. This philosophy was confirmed in 2009 by the new certification according to ISO 9001 of our Chinese plant in Qingdao. As a result, the Chinese plant is now also included in the STIHL certification matrix.

STIHL Factories
STIHL chain saws, saw chain, guide bars and,powertools can come only from STIHL’s own factories in (1) Germany, (2) Switzerland, (3) U.S.A, (4) Brazil, and (5) China (Qing Dao).

Counterfeit Factories
Almost 100% of STIHL counterfeit products originate in China. Please be aware that STIHL has no factories in Italy, and any claims of STIHL made in “italy” would undoubtedly be fake/counterfeit goods. For more information and video regarding counterfeit goods, please visit us at: STIHL warns about imitations

Product Verification
If in doubt, please e-mail the following information to us at [email protected]

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