Tried and tested technology and compact design

STIHL tillers will get you through thick and thin.  For many years, they have proved to be of great use to gardeners, cultivators and landscape gardeners. With an extensive range of equipment and accessories, the tillers fulfill a variety of functions.

ModelWeightWorking WidthDisplacementWorking SpeedPrice

HB 445.2 R

37 kg45 cm140 cm³2.2kW/3.0PS37,500

MH 710

102 kg97 cm252 cm³5.2kW/7.1PS66,000

MH 610

61 kg78 cm212 cm³4.4kW/6.0PS52,000

HB 585

44 kg85 cm149 cm³2.3kW/3.2PS42,500

BC 230

-30 cm40.2 cm³1.55kW/2.1PS23,000