Professional Chainsaws

Professional Saws

Durable, powerful and robust

STIHL Professional chainsaws are specially developed for extreme conditions and offer everything that professionals require. High performance, Low weight, Excellent Ergonomics and Proven Safety Features.



MS 070

90cm/36in, 4.8kW/6.5hp, 105.7cm³

MS 661

75cm/30in, 5.4kW/7.3hp, 91.1cm³

MS 462

4.4kW/8.0hp, 72.2cm³

MS 382

50cm/20in or 53cm/25in, 3.9kW/5.3hp, 72.2cm³

MS 150 C-E

30cm/12in, 1.0kW/1.3hp, 23.6cm³