Homeowner Chainsaws

Homeowner Saws

Compact Saw for property maintenance

If you’re looking to choose a chainsaw for work around your home, STIHL has you covered. Our chainsaws are German-engineered with advanced technology and safety features based on those of the professional saws. Ideal for thinning shrubs and bushes and small trees, as well as for cutting firewood.

ModelBar LengthDisplacementPower OutputPrice

MS 211

35.2cm³1.7 kW/2.3hp18,500

MS 210

35.2cm³1.6 kW/2.2hp14,500

MS 180

35cm/14in31.8cm³1.4 kW/1.9hp12,500

MS 170

30cm/12in30.1cm³1.2 kW/1.6hp11,250