Angle Grinder

FEIN Angle Grinders

Experience isn’t everything, but it’s very important. Especially for building resilient, user-oriented, ergonomic and innovative grinding tools for industry and trades. FEIN offers various performance classes ranging from 350 to 3,700 watts and for tough continuous use such as in foundries, steel or shipbuilding. From handy compact angle grinders to extremely powerful and large angle grinders, to a wide range of straight grinders and a comprehensive high frequency range – FEIN works hard to satisfy your every need.

ModelAngle GrinderPower OutputWeightPrice

WSG 12-15P

5"650 W2.1 Kg-

WSG 20-180

7"1250 W5.6 Kg-

WSG 25-180

7"1500 W6.3 Kg-

WSG 15-125P

5"900 W2.3 Kg-

WSG 7-100

4"420 W1.6 Kg-