Cutting chest-high hedges

Standard hedge trimmers

Medium hedges

STIHL standard hedge trimmers include hard-working machines designed and built for park and landscape maintenance and handy models for use in the private garden. They all really come into their own on waist-high to chest-high hedges, where their manoeuvrability allows you to work with precision. You can also use hedge trimmers to create impressive topiary.

Powerful petrol-engine hedge trimmers provide unrestricted freedom of movement when working. With no cable to restrict you, they are the first choice when power and quality results are important. Electric hedge trimmers are ideal for small to medium-sized gardens and are equipped with a low-noise electric motor. They are perfect for use in noise-sensitive areas – close to neighbouring gardens for example, as are the powerful new cordless models which combine the benefits of both.

Cutting the sides of the hedge vertically

The first step is to cut the sides of the hedge vertically in a sweeping arc-shaped movement. A hedge trimmer with double-sided blades means you will save time as you cut in both the upward and downward stroke. Walk forwards as you work, cutting along the length of the hedge.

Cutting the top of the hedge

When cutting the top of the hedge the cutter bar should be held horizontally at a slight angle (around 10°). Remove the clippings from the hedge with scything movements.