Maximum quality for outstanding cutting performance

Cutting Wheels

Cut-off saw performance depends partly on the quality of the cutting wheel. STIHL can be your single-source supplier for everything you need for this demanding work: the cut-off saw and top quality cutting wheels for use with it, made to the most stringent quality standards to guarantee high cutting performance and accuracy. The STIHL range includes diamond cutting wheels for concrete, asphalt and natural stone as well as abrasive cutting wheels for steel.

If you have any questions, your STIHL Approved Dealer will be glad to advise and assist.


STIHL diamond cutting wheels

For concrete, asphalt and natural stone

STIHL diamond cutting wheels

The high quality of STIHL diamond cutting wheels is ensured by careful material selection, flawless manufacture using the latest methods and stringent quality controls. They offer a whole series of notable advantages that make them convincing in use:

  • Higher temperature resistance
  • Good cutting performance
  • Longer life
  • High economic efficiency

All the segment components are carefully matched

Wheel segment matching ensures optimum cutting performance. The dust suppression system, diamond grain grade and diamond concentration are all specified for petrol power, with the resulting benefits of low cutting forces and long service life.

Wheel design

The wheels are designed for maximum thermal stress. As a result, a precise and reliable cut can be made even in extreme conditions without any loss of disk stability. This has a very positive impact on cutting performance and disk life with wet cutting. The correct choice of segment spacing, especially with concrete and asphalt wheels, promotes both cooling and dust removal.

All the segments are rough-ground at the factory

Factory rough-grinding has two key advantages. Firstly, the full cutting performance is available as soon as you start to use it – there’s no need to ‘run in’ a new cutting wheel. Secondly, the resulting axial and radial runout accuracy is so good that the cutting performance, rate of advance and life are optimised.
STIHL diamond wheels are available in four duty grades: 5, 10, 40 and 80.

STIHL abrasive cutting wheels

For steel

STIHL abrasive cutting wheels

Developed specially for use with STIHL cut-off saws, STIHL abrasive cutting wheels are suitable for a wide range of applications in cutting building and construction materials like steel and stone. A multi-layer stiffener keeps the disk very stable in handheld work with the cut-off saw.
Our abrasive wheel models are suitable for the following use:

Asphalt and ductile cast iron

This special cutting wheel for road construction and pipelaying can cut through both the asphalt top and ductile cast iron pipes.

Wet cutting

Stable cutting wheel for wet cutting stone and concrete minimising dust, with 30% longer service life than a dry cutting wheel and up to 50% higher cutting speed.